Forum / Menudo! -- They're BACK!!!

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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    Sep 21, 11:07pm

    And ready to FUCK!!!

    "Please bring on the groupies!" one of them says, in SPANISH -- "Back during our early Christian days, balling nubile females was strictly VERBOTEN" (he says, fluently and FLUIDLY, in *SPANISH*) " ... but NOW -- "

    He wiggles his eyebrows -- he gets a HARDON, cue *COMMERCIAL* --


    "FOR *GOD'S* SAKE, SOMEONE *<I>SAVE</I>* US -- "

    Stay TUNED!

    (Same BATâ„¢ CHANNEL, SAAAAME *BATâ„¢* TI-- )


    "Mabel! We got any of that MRS. *BUTTERWORTH*??"
    (suspicious, from the KITCHEN:) "Why?"
    (he SHRUGS, but she can't HEAR him:)
    "I said, why, JOHNSTON??"
    (he WAVES his *HAND* at her, but SHE CAN'T *HEAR* THAT *EITHER*)
    (she comes out of the KITCHEN, and *FINDS*:)

    "Oh, MY *LORD*!!!"




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