Forum / Kathy Lancaster's married to Howdy-Doody!

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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    Sep 21, 11:02pm

    And she herself is part of an "Oliver Hardy and Stan LAUREL" team -- skinny, fat, you know the deal!!!

    (How does she do it -- and keep a *HOUSE* clean??)

    Let's ask her:

    "Well, my son Shawn is a wallflower who never talks to anyone at school ALL *YEAR* -- "


    "With dishwashing detergent liquid . . . " (Florence HENDERSON, from TV's "Brady BUNCH," says) " . . . husband will LOVE you more!"

    She lifts it up, and -- gamely, but not without struggling, she hesitates a little, you can see it on her face, she can't help it, but she PLUNGES *ON* -- she POURS the liquid into her MOUTH and *DOWN* her *<I>THROAT</I>* --



    God help us!

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