Forum / "buckley_can_go_fuckley" is up on Instagram now!!!

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    You read should go read it, it's good for YOU:

    Oh, and don't FORGET:

    The Nova Police vs. the Buckleys

    I'm reading Norman MAILER, today, as it HAPPENS -- "Ancient EVENINGS, my second time through, Burroughs said it was a BIG influence on his "Western LANDS" novel, finishing up after "Place of Dead ROADS" and "Cities of RED *NIGHT*" (nuclear HOLOCAUST -- apparently, this is what happened in the GIZA desert, because, as the reunited "MICHAEL" entity says in Chelsea Quinn YARBRO'S "MESSAGES FROM *MICHAEL*" books, "THERE ARE PLACES [IN THE GIZA DESERT] WHERE NO ANIMAL WILL ENTER ... "

    And -- how YOU doin'?? How's YOUR reading going ... ??

    "Call me -- I mean it -- I want to hear what you think!!!"
    -guy giving his card to a (female) jogger in "SLACKER," at an accident scene, who promptly gives it to someone else once he drives off ...








    I've got Arthur C. CLARKE'S "The SENTINEL" curd up, for NEXT ... I've never read it, but I've heard the monoliths are explained a lot more than in the movie (they've been in the news lately -- they've been dropping up EVERYPLACE[*] #buckleysnoAUTHORITY ), and Arthur C. CLARKE said he was involved in the book, too, but the screenplay/novel/DIRECTION credits were just divvied up as TECHNICAL *DETAILS*[*], or something ... #davedalyneverwentOUTorperformedpastBS

    And how was *your* day ... ??


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    "cued up, for NEXT"


    I actually think the phone auto-corrected it!!!

    (My *bad* ... )


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