Forum / "Bye, bye, Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy™ to the Levee but the Levee was dry. And good old boys -- "

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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    Jul 23, 08:10pm

    People kill themselves over this song, it's true -- they try to figure out what the lyrics are "about," and have conniption fits, die, and are buried. It's the case. And what do you think they play at the funeral?? You got it -- it's not "Girls Just Want to Have FUN," that's for sure. That'd be a waste. What'd be the point.

    The '60s are over, but so's your mom -- not YOUR mom, but *HIS*.

    (I knew this guy named Rob MANNING -- who didn't?? we were 60 to a class -- and he was the headmaster's son, third born, first went to Harvard, was an Eagle Scout, made the Major rank (one per year -- we get a bunch of captains when they're seniors, then lieutenants, then on down[*]). He did this as his "declamation" -- we didn't write our OWN yet, but we did *OTHER'S*. It was like 9th grade, 9th or 8th grade. He said it was hard not to sing it, but he recited it, by jove he recited it. For what it's worth.)

    It just rhymes. Ask Stephin MERRITT (who *SUCKS*!!!). It just *rhymes*.

    [*] This is a very weird post-'50s '80s we were living through -- and don't think we didn't know it, although nobody went "alternative" but me (except for one guy named John SPRAGUE, who went to Princeton, who was trying too hard -- but I digress #vikasluniaDOESNTEXIST #HA ). We marched with guns, Oliver STONE'S "Platoon" came out and won all the Oscars™, we caught ourselves walking in step at the mall and hated ourselves for it, "Born on the Fourth of JULY" came out the year we graduated, Tom CRUISE was counted as being brave and risky for taking that role after "The Color of MONEY" and "Risky BUSINESS," more '80s-type films, people weren't sick of it and crowding to see "Forrest GUMP" just yet (obviously WHY!!!). We didn't know what we were doing. I didn't know who Buckley™ was so nobody took me seriously. THE END.

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