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    Agnes Ezra Arabella
    Jul 14, 04:16pm

    Dear community,
    I just want to thank you for being such a great community and support system over the years i have been a member. Over the last week when the site was down I did a lot of thinking about what the site meant to me and experienced a substantial sense of loss. So when it came back up I was flooded with a gratitude I just wanted to share!

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    Darryl Price
    Jul 18, 06:00pm

    I hear you, Agnes. It is indeed a wonderful place to be inspired and to hear many new ideas expressed by many fantastic writers. We're lucky to be part of it. I consider it an honor. Thanks for posting.

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    Tim Young
    Jul 18, 07:45pm

    I love Fictionaut! So much amazing writing. Proud to be here since 2011! We are lucky.

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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Jul 18, 11:25pm

    Yes. Great good fortune for sure.

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