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    Jul 13, 12:49am

    To Whomever (Jurgen, Carson, Gary, any and all):

    Thanks for resuscitating/reviving/restoring Fictionaut.

    I am sure more than a few contributors missed it, and we hope many readers did, too.

    Thank you again for whatever work it took.


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    Agnes Ezra Arabella
    Jul 13, 01:19am

    I second that emotion!

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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Jul 13, 03:03am

    Yes, thank you!

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Jul 13, 06:10pm

    Yeah, me too: Big thank you!

  • Darryl_falling_water.thumb
    Darryl Price
    Jul 13, 06:54pm

    Much appreciated!

  • Sam.thumb
    Chris Okum
    Jul 13, 11:42pm

    In the event of my death please do not resuscitate.

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