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    David Ackley
    Jun 21, 08:25pm

    Check out the many-talented Penny Goring, once and former Fictionauter, receiving some well-warranted attention in the British Press:

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    David Ackley
    Jun 21, 08:27pm
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    Darryl Price
    Jun 21, 08:36pm

    I love Penny. She is unique as an artistic voice and authentic as a builder of dreams. We had a lot of fun together on Fictionaut back in the day. She was always deeply creative, robust and beautifully talented, generous, and challenging. I had no idea she had been through so much shit as a person, but am not at all surprised by her courage, then and now. She's the true thing--a real honest to God living artist. She deserves every bit of her success. Way to go!

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    David Ackley
    Jun 22, 12:23am

    Nice, Darryl. That's how I felt about her, too, wild, fearless, with a singular creative vision and the chops to pursue it.

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    Joani Reese
    Jul 01, 08:47pm

    She was one of my favorite people when she was here. Thanks for reminding me about Penny.

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