Forum / "You can't even bother. You can't even bother ANYWAY!"

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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    Jun 02, 05:37pm

    "You get a conservative sniping at people at a copy-editing job, a video-game player[1], or a Right-Wing Neo-Con sniping at people at a Left-Wing office ... "



    [1] Assisted by likely-homosexual issues GUY, who made do with his "Dilbert"-like mantras of : "My wife left me for an earlier model!" and "I worked hard overseas in computers had 3 heart attacks and I LOVED IT!!!" before asking you out to dinner ... No.

    There's a whole CITY for that ... and it sure ain't Duluth or BOISE!


    Listen to "Else" by Built to Spill on Amazon Music Unlimited!!! Right *NOW*!!! And ...







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