Forum / My mother never brought Hawaiian PUNCHâ„¢ into the house, I might as well have starved.

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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    May 26, 03:57pm

    Let alone three cans a DAY ... I was always a twitchy kid, but it made me hungry for other things.

    People'd wonder why I'd go outside, and almost crumble. Albany, NY is the butt-hole of the WORLD, because it's not New ENGLAND and it's not NYC and no-one *CARES*!!!

    (She got raped by her dad, or the belt a lot, like they all did, and was in shock or humorless or something, and couldn't take the sight of salad dressing or PG-movies like "My Favorite YEAR" with Peter O'Toole saying "I'll put my SCHLUNG where I *want* to, thank you very much!" because it was on HBO in the hotel room in Boston on the way back from Cape COD where we stopped over for a few days before my GRANDMOTHER died when I was 20 years old under MYSTERIOUS *CIRCUMSTANCES* after an *ATTEMPT ON MY LIFE* was made which didn't make much sense either but remember I didn't know who BUCKLEY was in my class so I was generally regarded as INSANE or DOOMED TO DIE or *MADNESS* and *FROM MARS* anyway plus I sent shroom SPORES to my house from an ad in "High TIMES" but I thought I was just out the $40 (and Chuck EVANS $10 of it #sorryCHUCK ;) ) but maybe they got BUSTED, and -- )

    My sister's STUPID --

    I had to get taken to my SAFETY SCHOOL because my DAD and my *REPUBLICAN UNCLE* don't know SCORES and RANKING and PLACEMENT and WESELEYAN and PENN in 1990 --


    (So I'm *CRAZY* -- )

    "You're the one that's CRAZY!!! You're making *ME* -- "
    -Suicidal TENDENCIES, well-known "Ma I just want a PEPSI" song that brought them mixed fame/disregard

















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