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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    May 12, 08:14pm

    I never get *sick* of THAT one -- har HAR, JJA, what a *guy* ...

    "Wait a minute -- they're *peering* into YOUR ... "

    "You push the System, gentlemen, and the *system* will push *BACK*!!!"-David C. *MARTIN* (or "Dean MARTIN," as some -- including my 9th GRADE English *teacher*, Mr. d'Annibale, fresh out of WESLEYAN, even if it *was* getting on the better part of a *DECADE* #hewasDEANOFSTUDENTS #HAWHAW #waddaCOINCIDENCE ;) -- were *won't* to *CALL* him ... ) used to say. To gales of laughter, eminating from Josh PULVER and MATT *OWENS*, one of whom lived on PULVER COURT or DRIVE or something, in GLENS *FALLS*, a good *hour* from Albany, putting him about as out-of-TOUCH as it's possible to *be* ... given that you gotta *RISK* stuff, like your ASS! looking BAD! (he didn't!). Matty had two older brothers, so he'd seen it all BEFORE ... funny, though, how "Uncle DAVE" (as we used to CALL him, safely behind his *back* ... ;) ) isn't FINDABLE on Google SEARCHES, except for one that looks like it SLIPPED *THROUGH*, due to his being a SOCCER *COACH*, as WELL, in addition to HARDASS and general *killjor* for people who had *BRIGHT FUTURES*, PULVER went to RISD and OWENS went to *COLUMBIA*, but they were *hardly* the only ones ... particularly *that* year, 1990 (the year I graduated, along with "Tobes" (Hobart) "G-MO" (MIT), "Hoppy" (Wesleyan), and "Kanna" (Harvard) -- no, his name *really* is Kanna, I'm just being a jerk. It's all "Ben RAIN'S" fault, who married a dropout after IMPREGNATING her about two months after Kurt COBAIN *died*, which he failed to NOTICE ( ;) #yeah #IDIOT ), and supported using FAMILY *MONEY* after *college* ...

    "Hey, who was that guy who taught English in 9th grade after Mr. O'Brien was brought back after Mr. d'Annibale LEFT (for unknown REASONS -- after *just ONE <I>YEAR</I>* ... ) who was a NAVY *SEAL* who wrote poems about knives & BLOOD for the student literary journal --






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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    May 12, 08:15pm




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    Chris Okum
    May 13, 11:30pm

    An error in a wilderness of mirrors.

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    David Ackley
    May 15, 03:46pm

    Yeah, this works. Rather see it on the story page but whatever.

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