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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    May 12, 05:11pm

    Make her watch "Monster's BALL" again -- she can't handle it, her mommy and daddy in Albany, NY never told her life could be like this.

    And her St. Lawrence grades & scores were demolished by her brother's attending the University of CHICAGO -- a long, sustained EFFORT preceding 9th by dint of 7th GRADE, when they START *GRADING* you, and you're broken into Level *5* no less, just because you can't get into Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, Wesleyan, Georgetown, Haverford, Swarthmore, etc., the schools 5 or less from ALBANY, you fucking *IDIOT*, doesn't mean you've got a shot at *NORTHWESTERN*, or *WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY* in St. Louis, EITHER, do you know how you (and your FAMILY ... ?) looked, and how I can't live with this nebbishy, clueless, small-town INSANTIY projceted onto the REAL *WORLD* and *COOOOPE*?? -- so SHE ...

    (Tim MOSSMAN will fricasee her -- just give him a CHANCE!!! He's not gonna step out of the WOODOWORK for *nothing* -- believe you ME!!! #hecouldntBELIEVEit #BELIEVEit #WORDSescapeHIMincludingNEEDINGTOSAYSOimsure #IMtheonlyonewhoknowstheINSANITYSTOCKshecomesfrom #andthatincludesDARRELLjohnSTUPIDAUNYKATHYLANCASTERTHENONPARTICIPANTANDHERFATHEADEDOFTENWHIPPEDWITHTHEBELTBYHISDADGROWINGUPHUSBANDBILL #EWWW )

    Belive ME ...









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