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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    May 08, 11:49pm

    "I go to *your* schools, *your* churches, *your* -- "

    The list *is*:

    - "Heathers"
    - "Pump Up the VOLUME" (he steals FM radio -- SHEESH!!!)
    - SST Records/Negativland/your MOM!!! ;)
    - Jane's ADDICTION/CHILI *PEPPERS*/*FISHBONE* (she's wearing the "TRUTH AND *SOUL*" t-shirt in "SLACKER" when she walks by -- check it OUT!!! #rightON #fatyasminMUSTDIE ;) )
    - Mudhoney/Pacific Northwest/Sub Pop/Calvin JOHNSON/your *MOM*



    "I wouldn't want to back there, in a *rerun!"
    -Henry *ROLLINS*, on JOHN *MCCAIN'S* presidential *RUN*







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