Forum / Greetings, seasonal.

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    David Ackley
    Dec 22, 02:46pm

    Merry Christmas, all you hardy survivors.

    Read on Write on Rock on.



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    Gary Hardaway
    Dec 23, 09:47am

    Have a lovely holiday season, David.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Dec 23, 02:08pm

    You too, Gary.

  • Img_5429.thumb
    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Dec 24, 03:21pm

    Merry Christmas David!

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Dec 25, 07:34pm

    Thanks, Dianne. All the best to you and yours.

  • Darryl_falling_water.thumb
    Darryl Price
    Jan 02, 04:59pm

    David, you are appreciated! Happy New Year and good writing to all..

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Jan 06, 08:23pm

    Thanks, Darryl. Happy New Year.

  • Erika-byrne-ludwig.thumb
    Erika Byrne-Ludwig
    Jan 08, 05:49pm

    Bonne Année à vous tous...

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Jan 09, 09:26pm

    Et a vous, Erika.

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