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    You know I like you people. You're great, really -- but lately, I've been getting the feeling you've been holding back. Not posting much, sitting around the house, going through old files ... what the fuck?

    Look, I know COVID's got everyone down, but that's no reason to sit around the house watching old episodes of 'The Simpsons,' now is it?

    Buck up, little campers! Put the nose to the grindstone, and hit the road.

    Yours in inspiration,

    P.S. Not "Dude" as in "The Big Lebowski" (or Kristin Hersh's dad, as she recounts in "Rat Girl") -- that shit's copyrighted. Even though I didn't like that movie as much as "Burn After Reading," the characters all seemed like carbon copies of other movies, right down to Steve Buscemi's casting. Even if it is John Goodman's personal favorite character.






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