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    Ann Bogle
    May 13, 07:38pm

    Fictionaut is where I store my works online. I have sought a book publisher since 1998 for my first short story collection and since 2010 for my second one. Without the ability to collect these works, I rely on the website Fictionaut to keep my works gathered.

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    Ann Bogle
    May 13, 07:43pm

    I have published perhaps 70 of the stories and pieces in chapbooks online and in literary journals both print and Internet. Some of the journal websites have disappeared from the Internet, and many of those seem to be stored at the Way Back Machine.

    My blog is Ana Verse, and some of my stories appear there. Blogger is the host and has so far survived.

    I am writing this forum comment to register my profound hope/need that we keep Fictionaut online.

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    David Ackley
    May 13, 10:23pm

    I do this as well, Ann, and share your hope, particularly as some of the work has been rewritten here, so that final versions are both the product of Fictionaut and in its custody. Probably should download them sometime.

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    Ann Bogle
    May 13, 11:43pm

    Thanks, David. By download, do you mean save webpages offline on your computer and/or storage devices? I haven't saved webpages offline related to Fictionaut but will, if that is what you mean. I feel a little less than tech savvy in having these questions!

    In my browser (Microsoft Edge) there are options to download and web capture. I'll play with those.

    As importantly, I hope the website remains. More than hope, expect it to. We need it!

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    James Lloyd Davis
    May 14, 12:25am

    I have cut and pasted all the work I put on Fictionaut into a word file. I was burned about twenty years ago when a writers' web site I was into folded and all the threads... where a lot of my spontaneous work and a hell of a lot of poems just vanished into the ether.

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    Mathew Paust
    May 14, 02:24am

    I keep my originals in Word docs and on my on a thumb drive.

    Writing mostly reviews these days, and working on a novel. Don't have the inclination for poetry or short fiction anymore, but have all the stuff I wrote back when in a couple three places.

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    Sam Rasnake
    May 14, 03:45am

    I try to save everything on my computer or in my journal.

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    David Ackley
    May 14, 09:34pm


    I have downloaded a good deal of stuff in the past, and it seemed simple enough at the time, though I've forgotten how I did it. No doubt it will come back once I get around to it--probably soon judging by what others have said, though I hope and believe fictionaut will survive ...

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