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    Mathew Paust
    Apr 27, 02:44pm

    "Shrapnel is what warriors call the little pieces of flesh-tearing metal launched by a bomb, an exploding artillery or mortar shell, or a grenade like the one on the cover of James Lloyd Davis's new collection of fifty literary tales. A warrior himself, having served in Vietnam, Davis knew well the metaphor's power when he chose SHRAPNEL as the book's title. He doesn't explain why he chose it, but to me the grenade represents Davis's creative mind. Open the book, and its cleverly crafted pieces fly at you—the many sizes and shapes—none lethal, although some will discomfit readers whose own minds cringe from notions outside familiar terrain.
    "'Be good for what ails them,' as my mother would say in her generous variation of the “tough s**t” lesser souls are apt to employ.
    "But words are 'only games, after all,' Davis reassures us in the first of Shrapnel’s stories, Knitting the Unraveled Sleeves, a tender, yet suspenseful yarn from the viewpoints of an Irish couple, he a retired fisherman who can’t resist going “to sea” with his small boat every morning from their home on the Nova Scotia coast..."

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    James Lloyd Davis
    May 08, 01:14am

    Thank you, Matt. I just came back and noticed this was here.

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    Sam Rasnake
    May 10, 02:56pm

    Good review, Mathew. James is a wonderful writer.

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