Forum / Interest in helping establish Flash on Zoom

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    Ann Bogle
    Oct 25, 12:29am

    Any takers? We would need tech help in setting up a Zoom platform for Flash readings. I attended Lit Balm's Zoomathon tonight. Many famous and a-little-less famous poets read one poem each to help raise money for the Democrats running for office. They hit $10,000 tonight. Tonight was Lit Balm's 30th Saturday in a row, a show that started with Covid. I love the format. It would be great to round up flash writers for a similar endeavor.

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    Mathew Paust
    Oct 25, 06:44pm

    I like the idea, Ann, but haven't the technology to participate (my hijacked wifi signal from the brew pub next door falls a tad short of comfortable reliability).

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    Ann Bogle
    Dec 29, 11:48pm

    if we were to use Facebook as an anchor, there is a "room" feature that allows one to invite other members (friends, contacts) to a room using video and audio. the effect of the room feature might be similar to Zoom. Facebook "calls" members one invites to join the room. how do we find out if flash writers might be up for doing group readings of flash that way?

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