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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jul 18, 03:07pm

    ...or was it a figment, a dream in the daylight, a phantasm, faux firefly, fairy folk footprints on the sands of illusion?

    It's not there anymore.
    And well you may ask, "So what?"
    To which I have no real answer.
    If you don't miss it, what more can I say?
    I can't make you care. I wouldn't even try.
    People who try to make people care die young and of terminal disappointment. That... would be sad.

    Never mind.
    If you want the time back that you spent reading this pointless statement, find the address of the Rosicrucians and sent them a stamped, self-addressed envelope and wait for their response by the mailbox. You will not be disappointed, I am sure.

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    Mathew Paust
    Jul 22, 10:48am

    Quarantine getting to you, JLD? That's a nice little poem, btw.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Aug 21, 06:20am

    I was quite mad many years before the plague ever made it the uniform of the day. In that respect, I suppose I am a pioneer.

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