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    Jul 12, 01:47pm

    Entr'acte (1924) is a Dadaist film from Rene Clair. The link below offers the film with a track composed by Perry Frank (from 2018), who did a good job contemporizing the imagery with Satie-inspired accompaniment.

    For a film clearly embodying absurdist narrative schemes and juxtapositions and perspective(s), almost a century along it now offer slightly less opaque poetical reflections on France's emergence from the grim horrors of WWI (this is how I take the pairing of the ballerina's buoyancy with that of the mourners' inspired leaping in procession, following the brief career of the rooftop cannon patrolling the Paris skyline).

    Worth watching at least twice. (And would still be good to see with Satie's original score, but again, Perry Frank does a fine job adapting for contemporary viewers.) Enjoy!

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    Sam Rasnake
    Jul 12, 07:50pm

    I'm especially a fan of Man Ray and Duchamp. Thanks for the link.

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