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    Jan 22, 03:19pm

    --and that was the meaning of life.

    Pallbearers en route:

    John: "No, I insist--you go next."

    Terry: "No, I tell you, I saw a white rabbit with red fur! Not me! Eric, why don't you go?"

    Eric: "Wouldn't think of it, wouldn't think of it! Michael, you're the world traveler, you go!"

    Michael: "Oh no! I'm awaiting a visit from the Spanish--wait, what's that!"

    Muffled voice of Jones from inside: "I'm not dead yet!"

    With heavy sighs, the four lower the coffin, lift the lid, Eric and John look side to side, all four stomp and kick until silence resumes, lower the lid, sigh more heavily for the lift, then continue the procession.

    Thanks again, Terry, regards to Graham.

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    Darryl Price
    Jan 22, 07:23pm

    I'm with you, brother. Loved having these guys around more than I can say.

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