Forum / Readers/Feedback needed on a manuscript I am working on

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    Kait Mauro
    Mar 11, 05:22pm

    I'm working on a hybrid manuscript of creative nonfiction, poetry & photography. I have about 14,300 words but more to come & I'm in the process of editing what I have right now. My secret little dream I am harboring is to make it as strong as possible, continue writing until it's longer & has some kind of resolution at the end (I feel like I will feel it's the right time to end it when the time comes) then submit it to small presses & hopefully get a little book published (it'd be my first book that wasn't self published, so it's a bit intimidating). If you would be willing to read & provide feedback, send me an email at ?

    Thanks in advance for anyone willing to read & comment.

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