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  • Tatiana.thumb
    Juhi Kalra
    Apr 23, 05:32am

    I'm back after a bit, and have no memory of how notifications work on Fictionaut. I'd like to be able to follow the threads of comments where I may have left a comment on someone else's piece. Help?

    I also found unopened private messages today that I did not realize existed. Apparently I missed more than one opportunity to be part of the Editor's/Eye? I have no idea what that is, recommended reading?

    Darn you, coma and DID!!!

  • Photo%2015.thumb
    Gary Hardaway
    Apr 24, 01:13am

    Notifications are inoperative. The site is in zombie mode. Without us, it is dead. Thank you for returning. A little life might keep this nest viable.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Apr 24, 03:53pm

    ...and Editor's Eye has been in a coma at least a year now. (maybe it's catching)

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