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    Jan 28, 01:16am

    Early Modern Japanese Literature (Abridged Ed.): An Anthology 1600 - 1900, Haruo Shirane, Ed. (Col. U. Pr., 2008) is one valuable anthology (the unabridged edition must have been that much more impressive). From the emergence of "Floating World" works through Basho's haiku and haibun ("haikai prose"), through masterpieces of puppet theatre, the development of senryu, Buson--and that's barely the first half! (568 pp.)

    Understanding Humor in Japan, Jessica Milner Davis, Ed. (Wayne St. U. Pr., 2006) is a fine collection of essays, some historical, some treating a specific region or city, some dealing with local social conventions, a good piece further distinguishing senryu and haiku, humor in popular media. (264 pp.)

    Lots and lots of stuff.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 09, 01:36pm

    Both books sound fascinating. I'll take a look.

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