Forum / Anthology Submission Call Begins Nov. 11

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    RW Spryszak
    Oct 30, 12:20am

    2018 Surrealist/Outsider Anthology / by Thrice Publishing

    We are looking for surrealist or outsider writing - prose, poem or other - of any length for an anthology of same to be published at a heretofore unspecified date in 2018. Contributors will receive 2 copies of the final collection on publication. Though Thrice will place an ISBN on this as a collection, the moral and intellectual rights to each piece accepted and published revert strictly to that piece's creator(s) on publication. No fee to submit.

    Please have an understanding of what is meant by surrealism and outsider literature before submitting. There must be a connection to surrealist processes and references or somehow touch the unconscious genius of chance. Echoes of dadaist disgust are more than welcome. Outsider literature is considered, for these purposes, direct and awe-inspired writing unhindered by academic considerations or conventions. These understandings are very important, as it will largely be the main criteria for accepting and rejecting work.

    No artwork will be required.

    This link will come live Nov 11, and will exist until the middle of February. Bookmark at will...

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    RW Spryszak
    Nov 11, 03:24pm

    This link is now open.

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