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    RW Spryszak
    Aug 01, 05:11am

    Thrice Fiction Magazine is looking for fiction from flash to 4,000 words max. Previously unpublished. No reprints. Simultaneous submissions okay but please notify if accepted elsewhere. If submitting multiple pieces please make each submission separately. No reading fee / no payment. All writers submitting will be answered by late September to early October. Introducing yourself in your correspondence is optional. 99.9% of the time we don't look at your cover letter before reading the story.

    If you've been published by us in the past, please wait 2 issues before coming at us again. We have limited the numbers of writers we use an issue to a maximum of 20. Quite frankly, some of the writers we have published more than once have become favorites of ours and we generally love most of what they send us. It's only honest to say they have an inside track. But because of the limit of writers we use per issue, we'd like to keep space open for new folks too. So - IF YOU'VE BEEN PUBLISHED BY US IN THE PAST - hold your fire for two issues from the last time you appeared. Please?

    We look at and accept a full range of work. We like genre-bending and the surreal, but also traditional work that is well-written. Though we prefer alternative forms, themes, and story lines, good writing is recognizable and undeniable. Please no poetry, no scripts, and no memoir. Fiction, Bubba. We do fiction. For God's sake stop sending young adult, memoir, suicide stories, and sentimental tales about your dog and stuff.

    Thrice is proud to be the venue that has acted as the first publication for new and previously unpublished writers. We want to have at least one in every issue. We are not afraid to take a chance, but all we ask (of new as well as experienced authors) is that you let it fly. Get us right from the top. Right at the start. Have us by the first paragraph or forget it. Make us want to keep reading and you have half the battle won.

    We like "Outsider" work. Non-kitsch surrealism. Beautiful prose. Engaging characters. Or things that make us go "what the hell is going on with this thing?" But be advised - artifice is obvious. Gimmicks are transparent. Please think about that before submitting.

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    RW Spryszak
    Aug 02, 06:46am

    Runs full month of August. Sorry.

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