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    Mathew Paust
    Jun 15, 05:56pm

    Many of us, despite our creative conceits, are susceptible to the comfort of herd familiarity. Seldom do we stray into new and unproven neighborhoods. No one understands this inclination more acutely than the publishing industry with its safety-first commitment to tested marketability and the fiscal rewards adherence to such can bring.

    Nonetheless, occasionally something truly fine emerges from the unmanageable slushpile, is recognized by some foolhardy agent of editing intern, and makes it into the blinding light of the wider world.

    One such example of non-imitative finery has appeared right here on Fictionaut, where it resides pretty much neglected near the top of the main feed. I take great pleasure in calling the attention of my fellow literary lions to this stunning, hilarious, ultimately heartbreaking, richly drawn portrait of a Southern family's aborted escape from Boston to the warmer climes of Carolina:

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    Bill Yarrow
    Jun 15, 06:53pm

    I've enjoyed Paula Ray's work on Fictionaut since 2010. She's a wonderful writer.

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    Mathew Paust
    Jun 15, 08:05pm

    Thanks for pointing that out, Bill. I just now checked her profile--way back before I started here.

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