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    Reva Zerkalo
    May 11, 08:14am

    I'm fairly new to fictionaut (joined years ago but only active for circa a month). So I'm not sure how to go about inviting someone to join. Eamon, if you're reading this, you'll probably remember him from that writesite way back when - Daniel Abelman aka Chiefdanka

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    eamon byrne
    May 11, 11:22pm

    Reva, I have just emailed the original founders of the site, Jurgen Fauth and Carson Baker, drawing their attention to your request. Also emailed Frankie Saxx, who was very helpful in getting some other people registered.

    Gaining access to fictionaut has become a very difficult thing in recent times. If anyone else has any suggestions please post here.

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    Reva Zerkalo
    May 12, 07:22am

    Thanks, Eamon

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