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    Chris Okum
    Mar 04, 05:41pm

    When people thought about Barbara Hale the first thing they usually thought about was her son, Robert Redford manqué William Katt, star of the ABC hit television show 'The Greatest American Hero.' Barbara understood this, and it didn't bother her, although she would have preferred it if when people thought about her (if they ever really thought about her at all) they thought about the time she - while dining at a Coco's Restaurant in Rancho Mirage, California - stabbed a man in the shoulder with a salad fork for stealing the booth she had been sitting in (and which she had momentarily vacated in order to visit the salad bad), a man who turned out to the third base coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers' farm team in Albuquerque, a man who declined to press charges for the simple and seemingly impossible reason (from Barbara's perspective, at least) that he found Barbara incredibly attractive despite her being the spitting image of his stepmother, a grifter who had married the man's father and split one day without notice, taking every piece of furniture in the man's father's house. This is what Barbara wanted people to think about when they thought about her, but they didn't, and she was dead certain they never would.

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    Christopher J. Snyder
    Mar 10, 07:03pm

    It's how it goes. Great entry for International Women's Day, too!

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    Oliver Hunt
    Mar 29, 12:53am

    Tommy Ross. Poor bastard. He meant well, should've been spared.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Mar 29, 02:58am

    While reading, I could here the music of Fred Steiner. I like.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Mar 29, 02:59am

    That should be "hear," although willing the theme music to my chair works in a dark metaphysical way.

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