Forum / Will NYT writer profile help writer son pay rent, ya think?

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    Barry Friesen
    Dec 18, 08:09pm

    For friends still interested in legacy publishing, just a note that writer son Brin gets a photo spread and profile/article on the front page of today's Sunday edition of the New York Times Metro Section. That's 1.1 million readers--be interesting to see if it has any impact on sales. Ha. Online version of the article here:

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    David Ackley
    Dec 19, 07:38pm

    Very good piece I thought, and interesting that Brin's own journey becomes a kind of homage to the Cuban fighters he wrote about, refusing to sell their art for the big bucks.

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    Barry Friesen
    Dec 20, 09:03am

    Astute observation as usual, David. Parallel journeys, for sure.

    Brin says his favourite fallout element from the piece is that the young reporter acknowledged that the profile contained the first factual error in his NYT writing career, by naming the requisite writing cat "staring down from the bookshelf" Fidel, instead of Raul. Brin had two writing cats, Fidel and Raul, but Fidel, like his namesake, died recently. The funner part is that the NYT, being the NYT, is printing a correction. Hee hee.

    But Sean Manning, editor at Simon & Schuster, tweeted: "Terrific profile of @brinicio, whose forthcoming book on the 2016 World Chess Championship is my very first acquistion for @simonschuster." That's a 70k book contract, so that'll cover the rent for a bit, even in NYC.

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