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    eamon byrne
    Nov 17, 10:26am

    It's long been a puzzle to me, the absence of politically themed writing on fictionaut. It's not as though politics is not a worthwhile subject for fiction. Then, out of nowhere, politics appears on F, initiated by the unexpected election of a President.

    Yes, I was surprised too. But here's the thing ... it's appeared not among the contributions of fiction, but in the impassioned commentaries of the forum. What gives? Is politics not being taken seriously?

    Well, Jerry Ratch takes it seriously. I refer readers to his "Mein Penthouse". In a site noted for its short pieces, Jerry takes out the prize for the all-time shortest. I quote it here in full, to save readers the trouble of looking it up. "New Trumpet Book". Full stop. Thank you Jerry. Beautifully to the point, as what more could be said on the spur of a morning-after moment. I dips my lid to the niceness of the irony (or is it satire?).

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