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  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 12, 06:55pm

    I have offended everyone by posting about Sandy Hook when we both know you are out to get me because of political differences. Quit making out I am the only one questioning Sandy Hook and other mass shootings when there is a wealth of date out there to prove plenty of more people question the same stuff. The reason I mentioned Sandy Hook in the first place was as a response to Okum's remark about mass shootings. If questioning mainstream media is offensive to the owner/founder of the site then he is free to ban me, I am not going to apologise, especially when I am not the one going around calling a member of this site an asshole, a bigot and wishing their death, you also were the one who told me to go fuck myself long before any mention of Sandy Hook, Jurgen will see those posts also. Why not try a petition? If more than you, Hardaway and Tim Young agree that I should leave then I will personally call for myself to get banned :)

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Nov 12, 07:52pm

    If I'd wanted you booted from the site for your political views I would have said so, Samuel. The fact is I have no problem with your supporting Trump. I always try to say exactly what I mean. As you will continue to see, it's not even that you hold the views you do about Sandy Hook, but that you chose to spread them on Fictionaut which is not only damaging to those who might encounter them who were affected by the tragedy, very real suffering people whose suffering you might well worsen with your idiotic slanders, but that this site which we share is itself polluted by the sheer presence of those views, and thus that all of us are in some part guilty by association. I assume you are human enough to have feelings, and perhaps even empathy but I can't for the life of me see how you can fail to see how hurtful what you've said could be.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 12, 08:59pm

    Why should I be made to believe in something I didn't experience myself? I agree that I should not have brought up the Sandy Hook thing but it was a response to a comment Okum made about mass shootings, I did not attend to make it a big issue and I am entitled to my beliefs as you all are.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Nov 12, 11:24pm

    As President Obama has said, " We are all entitled to our own opinions. But no one is entitled to his own set of facts."

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Nov 12, 11:39pm

    And there's this from Stephen Hawking: "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Nov 12, 11:58pm

    The illusion of knowledge and ignorance is the same thing, therefore the greatest enemy of knowledge is ignorance, ignorance being the illusion of knowledge.

    Hawking once ended a book with "if we knew the all secrets of the universe then we would know the mind of god", he has a great talent for overstating the obvious.

    I have never said that my opinion is fact.

    You all of course believe in things you have not personally witnessed, you form your political views not by things you personally experience but what you read in the newspapers and the mainstream media, stuff that fits your personal prejudices.

    So don't dictate to me the difference between opinion and fact when you are IN FACT (proven by the crap you have spouted for all to see) an arrogant hypocrite.

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