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    Jul 06, 12:58pm
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    David Ackley
    Jul 06, 02:14pm

    "I'm not interested in self expression, but in expressiveness... The idea that you write to express yourself seems to me revolting. The idea that you write to glorify or make glorious the art of expressiveness seems to me spot on."

    Geoffrey Hill

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Jul 07, 12:22am

    Sounds like BS to me.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Jul 07, 12:23am

    As BS as much as those halfwits who claim to write angsty crap as a voice for others.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Jul 07, 04:27am


    The strident high
    civic trumpeting
    of misrule. It is
    what we stand for.

    Wild insolence,
    aggregates without
    distinction. Courage
    of common men:

    spent in the ruck
    their remnant witness
    after centuries
    is granted them

    like a pardon.
    And other fealties
    other fortitudes
    broken as named—

    brokenly recalled,
    its archaic laws
    and hymnody;

    and destroyed hope
    that so many times
    is brought with triumph
    back from the dead.

    Geoffrey Hill

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jul 08, 11:34pm

    Thank you, Sam.
    Good answer.

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