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    Ann Bogle
    Jan 11, 08:02am

    I reposted all my stories tonight, and it seems the profile page lists only up to 100 entries. Has anyone else noticed this?—those of you keeping all your posts available, for instance. It means 71 of my postings (the lower spectrum in terms of fav's) are not viewable. I hadn't anticipated that! I advertised my idea to post all your work in case you might die soon. So that when you die, people (readers) can access your writings on Fictionaut. I hadn't realized there is a 100-title limit on the profile page.

    Here's my titles list:

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    Mathew Paust
    Jan 11, 11:00pm

    I've not counted mine, but have noticed occasionally a story I thought I'd posted back a ways wasn't on the list.

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    Ann Bogle
    Jan 22, 03:15am

    I asked if Carson could verify this finding for us or change it. It sounds as though some people who perhaps never shield from public view their stories are able to display all of them at once, and others who perhaps shielded some or many of their stories, cannot display all of them later. I think 100 is the limit on my page at the present out of 172. Let's see what Carson can tell us about it.

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    Barry Basden
    Jan 26, 12:51am


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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Jan 26, 03:20am

    What Barry said.

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