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    Lillian Ann Slugocki
    Dec 19, 06:54pm

    "I’ve belonged to Fictionaut, an online community, for about six years. I’ve met some great writers there. It’s like a more intimate version of Wattpad, it’s not open to the public, and members are invited. I posted the first 300 words in the spring. It got 447 views, six favs, and eight comments. Bill Yarrow wrote, “Very Robbe-Grillet, and that is high praise.” I researched everything I could find on Robbe-Grillet, and bought a couple of his books. In other sections I posted, Carol Reid loved the way the narrative telescoped down into each moment. Sam Rasnake liked the “sky-scape,” George Korolog enjoyed “the conjunction of airplanes, metaphysics and the ethics of mortality,” and Beate Sigriddaughter said the writing is marvelously breathless. In all, I workshopped six sections, 10,000 words, and with each round of comments from my peers, I discovered the heart of the book. I moved away from posting excerpts for review and finished the first draft of How to Travel with Your Demons in the summer."

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    Gary Hardaway
    Dec 19, 07:00pm


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    Mathew Paust
    Dec 22, 04:28pm

    Wicked title.

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    Nonnie Augustine
    Jan 07, 09:43pm

    Fine love letter and I should write one, too. I've gotten insight into my own work every time I've posted something here. And, yes, wicked title.

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    Gary Percesepe
    Jan 08, 10:44pm

    congratulations, you!

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