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    Marc Nash
    May 04, 02:39pm

    Anyone else experiencing the site being incredibly slow to load pages?

    I work on a mac and doesn't matter if I use Firefox or safari, just takes an age to get somebody's story up.

    Any advice gratefully welcomed.


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    David Ackley
    May 04, 03:03pm

    I thought it was my computer. Glad to hear it's not just me...

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    May 04, 03:35pm

    I've noticed the same thing. I'll talk to Carson & see what's going on.

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    Carson Baker
    May 04, 03:48pm

    How long is a long time? A couple seconds? More than 10 seconds? Minutes?

    We're having some growing pains, but I haven't noticed anything that's unbearable. Here, for example, is a chart of response time in the past 15 minutes:

    In general, it takes between half a second to a few seconds for a page to render. Story page loading should always be pretty quick, so your note has me a little worried. The front page, because of the data involved, is the slowest to generate and is the main area that I'm working on improving.

    I'll dig deeper and see if I can spot what's wrong.

    Thanks for the heads up. Sorry for the problems.

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    Marc Nash
    May 04, 04:17pm

    No need to apologise, just flagging it up. I'd say 60-90 seconds on average. I bet it's a Mac issue, it normally is.

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    David Russo
    May 04, 04:53pm

    WinXP SP3 here, and yes I have noticed the slowness lately. I thought it was maybe an issue on my side, so I tried a few things to tweak my connection, no results.

    Carson I just clicked your profile link, and clocked the time for the page to show up: 23 seconds.

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    Susan Tepper
    May 04, 04:58pm

    yes, today its very slow, not like it normally functions which is fairly rapid. I thought it was my computer but it must be a glitch somewhere on the site

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    David Russo
    May 04, 05:23pm

    Whatever you did in the last hour, it worked. Site's blazing for me now.

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    Carson Baker
    May 04, 10:15pm

    Hmm, okay I'm seeing the symptom now too. Investigating!

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    Carson Baker
    May 04, 10:32pm

    Fixed! Here's what happened:

    In the course of usual maintenance yesterday evening, I made a typo that caused the database to backup remotely every other minute rather than every other hour.

    This caused our storage medium to fill up and saturated available bandwidth. I'm surprised things stayed up.


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