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    Ben White
    Apr 25, 09:59pm

    Through April 30 (this coming Friday), Nanoism is running a twitter-fiction (yes, 140 characters!) contest to raise money for Partners in Health, a major NGO healthcare provider in Haiti. We have both free and paid entries, cash prizes, raffle giveaways of great independent literature, and bestselling author Ethan Canin is picking the winners.

    The details:

    The gist:

    # Everyone gets ONE free story submission to the contest.
    # A $5 donation earns you another 5 stories.
    # Every paid entry also earns you a chance to win something great from our prize pool of great literature from the independent publishing community (listed in contest page).
    # You can enter as many times as you want. In fact, we encourage it.
    # To recap: $0, 1 story; $5, 6 stories; $10, 11 stories; ad infinitum.

    We'd love for the fine Fictionaut folks to join us in supporting this worthy cause.

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    Ben White
    Apr 30, 02:16pm

    Then contest ends tonight (but if you get in your entries by tomorrow Saturday morning, I'll look the other way.)

    I've seen several Fictionaut folk make an appearance. Send us a story!

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    David Erlewine
    Apr 30, 02:46pm

    fuck! thanks for the reminder, ben, man i'm dying over here. i'm going to sue everyone for punitive damages that they're giving me. jerky boys, eh? eh? eh.

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