Forum / Flag Day Challenge Heating Up

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    Susan Tepper
    Apr 07, 04:55pm

    NYC and outskirts are having a heat wave (over 90 today) and there is HEAT starting to generate at the FLAG DAY CHALLENGE~

    Join the group~
    Don't be left out in the COLD... brrrrr...

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    Kevin Myrick
    Apr 07, 07:33pm

    Its not even that hot down south yet Susan! Glad I'm not living in NYC right now...

    I've already begun to work on my Flag Day Challenge story I'm calling "King of the Mountain."

    The June 14 deadline is still a couple months away, but don't let it sneak up on you! Join now, and when we get enough people we'll start a Flag Day Challenge workshop group. (I'd say 5 people minimum before I start the group...)

    Let the writing begin!


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