Forum / Comment editing?

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    C. Kaminski
    May 03, 12:42pm

    Yes, there is merit in learning to live with regret. But I think we're all susceptible to the enthusiastic typo, the egregious misspelling of a name, the compulsion to redress a late-bloomer in the comprehension of somebody's something... Will there ever be a way to edit comments after having posted them? That would be awesome.

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    May 04, 01:27pm

    This is an excellent question. I originally imagined comments would be editable, but Carson convinced me that Fictionaut might be better off without this feature.

    One of our models for a successful community is Metafilter, where comments can't be edited. Sure, the occasional typo makes it through, but generally, it seems to lead to a more measured discussion, and there's also value in having things on the record. It might lead to a weird experience when someone arrives to a discussion late and comments have been edited in a way that makes the history of the discussion impossible to follow.

    We're curious what others think, though. If there's overwhelming demand for an editing feature, we'll be happy to add it.

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    Larry Strattner
    May 16, 09:34pm

    Type comment in Word edit to heart's content then paste it in. I write in comments, typing in the little box as I go and it's a very bad habit. Sometimes when I'm testing an idea I type the "story" directly onto the site and you are seeing a draft. Bad habit #2. (at least I can reopen and edit) One site I post on occasionally has "modify" and "delete" options on comments which I find helpful since the intenet is such an open forum and other opinions frequently influence my thinking. I do agree that not having the option of calling back a comment makes one consider a bit more carefully.

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