Forum / How to Send a Story to a Group Only?

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    Larry Strattner
    Mar 03, 11:12am

    I wrote a couple of pieces for Groups only. I marked them private and sent them to the group. Of course since the groups were public they then could not read them.

    When I mark the pieces public I cannot send a story to a second group until the first story clears the front page.

    Is there a way to give an 'anyone can read' story to a group only?

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Mar 03, 11:45am

    Hi Larry -- there isn't. We figured that a public story should always appear on the front page. We figured the community would fragment too much if public stories bypassed the front altogether. Hope that makes sense.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Mar 03, 12:59pm

    i had considered to make the paddy day challenge group 'private' but for a challenge group, privacy doesnt make sense because then you get zero visibility. i suppose larry, you can only hope for pieces to come in at the speed they're coming. which looks good at the rate the stories are pouring out of the community...

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    Carol Reid
    Mar 03, 01:40pm

    Larry, you could send the story as a "message" to the group members individually, I guess. Not quite the same as having it appear only in the group, but it would by-pass the front page.

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