Forum / If William Carlos Williams was (or were) in my online creative writing class...

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    Bill Yarrow
    Feb 11, 01:21am

    If William Carlos Williams was (or were) in my online creative writing class...

    (made using screencast-o-matic--excellent screen capture software.

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    Darryl Price
    Feb 11, 05:16pm

    Very cool idea.

  • 0001_pabst_blue_ribbon_time.thumb
    Feb 11, 05:54pm

    I was re-reading Wallace Stevens last night, came across The Anecdote of the Jar, remembered how I had to pervert, deform my brain to come up with something clever to write about it.

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    Bill Yarrow
    Feb 11, 06:00pm

    Thanks, Darryl!

    Hey, Matt. Check out Sam and others on the Stevens' poem:

  • 0001_pabst_blue_ribbon_time.thumb
    Feb 11, 06:15pm

    (point proven...)


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    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 11, 06:27pm

    This is marvelous, Bill. I'm snapping my fingers. Appreciate the shout, by the way.

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    Christopher Allen
    Feb 11, 06:29pm

    Loved it!

  • Night_chorus_book_cover.thumb
    Joani Reese
    Feb 11, 06:37pm

    I have never complete understood the Steven's poem, even after poet John Bensko carefully explained his take on it in a creative writing class I took in Tennessee, but reading Sam's take brought me closer at least. It's an appreciation, but not necessarily a celebration, of the need for the other, that object outside of oneself and nature, to bind works to nature, maybe. Interesting.

    Bill's explication and advice is wonderful, too. Just read an essay about WCW in The New York Review of Books--he was certainly in need of self-confidence. Sad that he could never feel appreciated, at least in the way he imagined he should have been.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 11, 09:18pm

    I love the work of WCW. The fact that he was a medical doctor (ob/gyn) and struggled with art has an intense appeal. He did suffer a bad breakdown at one point. But poets used to do that all the time-- flip out. Now they take meds and wait out their demons..
    thanks for posting

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