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    Susan Tepper
    Nov 24, 11:16pm

    Steve Glines, Irene Koronas, and I are very pleased to announce the following writers for nomination in the Pushcart Prize this year:

    Marcus Speh, "Three Questions"

    James Robison, "DETOX"

    Gary Moshimer, "The Model"

    Changming Yuan, "SAWS: A Seasonal Poem"

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    Susan Tepper
    Nov 25, 06:58pm

    And proudly for the Pushcart Prize Non-Fiction series we have nominated:

    Thomas Sheehan, "The Day Titanic Drowned"

    Elizabeth Corcoran Murray, "The Urban Goatheard"


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    Sam Rasnake
    Nov 25, 08:11pm

    Congratulations to these writers.

  • Kreuzberg,%20germany%201992.thumb
    Robert Vaughan
    Nov 26, 09:36pm

    So excited for you Marcus, James, Gary, and Changming! Also, Thomas and wishes for you success, and also to WHLR which I love so much!

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    Meg Tuite
    Nov 26, 09:49pm

    Big congratulations to all of you!!! Outstanding group of writers and well-deserved!
    WHLR rocks!!! Great choices, Susan!!!

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    David Ackley
    Nov 26, 11:10pm

    Congratulations and good luck to all.

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    Christopher Allen
    Nov 27, 04:33pm

    Yay! All of you. :)

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