Forum / Yet another question about posting/published/private, etc.

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    Matt Dennison
    Jan 24, 02:37pm

    What about if you post something for a while and then delete it?

    Will it eventually be gone forever?

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Jan 24, 03:11pm

    Just as setting a story to private, deleting it will remove it from all public sections of Fictionaut immediately. Google might keep a cache for a while -- they do this for any web page -- but yes, eventually it will be gone from their cache as well.

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    Gloria Mindock
    Jan 26, 03:59pm

    Yes, I am wondering the same thing as you Matt. Should I delete work after awhile?
    I only posted one thing so far. I plan on posting more.
    this would be good to know.


  • Gloriamindock200x274.thumb
    Gloria Mindock
    Jan 26, 04:01pm

    Whoops, just saw the other post answering my question. I must be tired. Sorry.

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