Forum / Advice to readers of long stories posted here

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    Matt Dennison
    Jan 23, 09:18pm

    Be sure and click on the pdf option at top of page. It's a GREAT presentation of a story, and takes away the psychological burden of that tiny little vertical scroll thingy that screams LONG STORY! GO AWAY!

    (p.s. "Assumption," by c.m. harris, is a perfect example of the value of this. It's a great story that many people will not read because it is long.)

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    H-M Brown
    Jan 24, 10:02am

    Yes I support this advice and for many reasons. Please read long stories in pdf form, it truely is a beautiful presentation. It truly makes these stories feel like your reading from a book. It won't feel intimidating and you feel like you can take your time reading. And yes the vertical scroller will not scare you away from reading.

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    Tree Riesener
    Feb 18, 09:04am

    Great advice. Thanks for pointing this out. I have some longer stories I have been hesitant to post.

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