Forum / A Word About Story Pictures

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Feb 16, 11:02am

    So, there used to be a way to publish a picture along with a story (one example that still works is at, but for some technical reason, we've had to disable this temporarily. We're especially upset because it means Cooper Renner's drawings don't make much sense without, y'know, the actual drawings ( I really enjoyed this feature, and we're hoping to have this feature restored as soon as possible.

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    Gail Siegel
    Feb 18, 10:25am

    How funny. I was just checking in to find out this very thing. I'm glad you're going to restore it, because I think the illustrations and photos added a special dimension to the site.

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    Maryanne Stahl
    Feb 19, 06:55pm

    ah. I'd wondered.

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