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About Me

I am a father, husband, dog lover, musician, cook, and a writer. These activities consume my time. In what little spare time I can manage I do activist work and spend time with friends and family. I read a lot. I enjoy films. If what you do makes who you are then this is a pretty accurate picture, a bit vague, of who I am. I am the brooding type, deep thinker. No that it makes me any smarter than anyone else, just one who thinks a lot. I like to be challenged.

Why do you write?

I write both music and fiction for the same reason. Its my therapy. It's up there in my head and from time to time I've got to let it out. Weather I was writing a novel to be published or a song to sing in the shower, they are no different. It's all just getting it out.
I do have specific thought on writing fiction and why I choose to write horror/suspense type stuff. Writing in this genre, although I can't say that I'll only write in it forever, is about more than giving the reader a scare. There's something deeper there, something else at play. It's developing a relationship with the main character and watching all these bad things happen to them, living it with them. You see them change. If the story is good enough maybe you change. A change of opinion, a change of thought. These are the aspects that I love most about reading and writing. It's something you can't get from a movie.
Creativity and ideas all come from the same place. Open your eyes and look around. There it is. Do you see it? Look a little closer. How about now? I watch people. I listen when people talk. Occasionally, while doing these things a story or song idea will pop in there and say "Hello, I'm going to haunt you for ten days or so until you give in and put me down on paper." And so it goes.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Some of may favorite authors are:
Stephen King
Bentley Little
Dean Koontz
Richard Laymon
Joe Hill
Neil Gaiman
Kurt Vonnegut
Peter Straub

It's hard to say what my favorite books are. It changes with the seasons. So instead I'll list a few books that have significant meaning to me:

The Cobra Event, Richard Preston
Needful Things, Stephen King
The Town, Bentley Little
Sirens of Titan, Kurt Vonnegut
Life Expectancy, Dean Koontz
The throat, Peter Straub

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