Scott Miller

Location Havre de Grace, MD
Occupation Marketing & Advertising
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About Me

Passionate about writing, I just began taking formal classes in fiction, hoping to develop a portfolio worthy enough to help me gain entrance to an MFA program. I see no better way to develop than by networking with a group like this.

I am also an avid sports fanatic- particularly basketball and football- and I lift weights regularly. I love animals- I have two Rottweilers (they are the least threatening Rotties on earth!), and naturally, I love to read!

Why do you write?

I am excited by slight fantasy (I made that up; not sure if it exists), but what I mean by that is I like fantasy that barely pushes the limit between reality and fantasy.

Still, what I have been writing is a little different, consisting mostly of stories about people who have struggled with unusual phenomena. Currently I am working on my first novel about a high school and college sports star that gets injured, losing his way as a result. Specifics will be provided later....

I love to write because my mind forces me to! I have so many thoughts that I just can't manage them, and writing is the best outlet. It's like my dogs: when they don't get outside to run around a bit, they start bouncing off the walls, trying to work off their energy.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I hate to be so cliche, but my favorite authors happen to be Stephen King and John Grisham.... I am, however, starting to read some other stuff, particularly what I find on the Pulitzer Prize list. I am certainly open to recomendations!

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