Sara Levine

Location Chicago

Books by Sara Levine
  • by Sara Levine
    Europa Editions, 2011.

  • by Lex Williford, Michael Martone
    Touchstone, 2007.

  • by Rebecca Wolff
    Fence Books, 2009.

  • by Patricia Foster, Jeff Porter
    Broadview Press, 2012.
  • About Me

    Short Dark Oracles (Caketrain, 2011)
    Treasure Island!!! (Europa Editions, 2012)

    Work in small magazines, including Nerve, The Iowa Review, Conjunctions, Necessary Fiction, Alice Blue Review, 5-Trope.

    Essays in Understanding the Essay, Best of Fence, and The Touchstone Anthology of Creative Nonfiction: 1970 to the Present.

    I teach writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

    Sara Levine's Wall

    David Erlewine – Sep 03, 2009

    I loved, loved, loved your piece in Necessary Fiction. In fact, I reached out to another Sara Levine on here and was told it was not her! But, there's no h in your name either, I told her, it has to be you (okay, I thought that, but didn't say it). I have young kids and your Necessary Fiction piece resonated so much. Welcome! David

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