Robert Funke

Location Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation Freelance writer (substitute teacher)
Website http://

About Me

I am a warrior.

Why do you write?

My whole life, I have liked attention, I have liked being found interesting, and I have liked telling stories. The hope is that somewhere, those pieces of me enriched my ability to garner attention, be interesting, and tell stories.

I also like words, and I like spending several hours lost in places that I didn't know I was going in the first place. And I like claiming to be an author more than I like claiming to be a substitute teacher.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I'm aware that I stay pretty squarely on the beaten path. I feel that there are still too many classics I haven't read, so I'm trying to catch up:

People I will read, no matter what they've written:
Robert Faulkner
David Foster Wallace
Dave Eggers
Flannary O'Connor
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Jonathan Safran Foer
Breece D'J Pancake
Roald Dahl
C.S. Lewis

Books I will probably read again:
The Master and Margarita
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
My Inventions, The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
The Lord of the Rings trilogy, plus its addenda

Eh, many more. Making the list makes me feel pressure to be impressive in my interests. I'll read just about anything.

Robert Funke's Wall

Darryl Price – Apr 01, 2010

Ah, J.S.,yes.

Dale Marlowe – Mar 29, 2010

Second the Breeceness.

See ya – Mar 29, 2010

Breece Pancake! Hell, yeah! Read also: Pinckey Benedict.

John Minichillo – Mar 27, 2010

We share a birthday!

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