Pete Armetta


About Me

Pete Armetta is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. With a style that’s been called accessible and broad, unpredictable and matter-of-fact, Pete is a genuine, self-taught outsider. His stories and poetry fend off conventionality and he’s never easy to pigeonhole.

And doesn’t wanna be.

Pete is a native New Yorker living in Charlottesville, Virginia, via too many other places to count. It’s a life of mountains and big sky and dogwoods and hawks. Of back roads and wood-burning stoves. It’s bourbon and mint from the garden in spring and swimming in the river in summer. Currently applying for writing fellowships and residencies, Pete writes full-time, having given up his former corporate and button-down existence to fully embrace and hone his craft.

You only live once right?

Pete’s work has appeared or is upcoming in Gadfly Magazine, The River Journal, Expats Poetry, Take It To The Street Poetry, Subtle Fiction, Best New Poems, Cynic Magazine, Blue Lake Review, Stone Path Review, The Piker Press and Inclement Magazine. One of Pete’s stories, Craters and Rocks, was featured in the 2012 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology. Pete’s first poetry chapbook, New Future, was published this past autumn.