Morgue McMillan

Location Germany
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About Me

Native German, writing in English (yet half of me is Greek, but no, I lost the Greek language). Cultural challenges are interesting, views often differ so much and then again - not so much. And in the space between - our lives.

Why do you write?

Sum ergo scribo? Not sure, but people usually inspire me, so do books or paintings or ... any art.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Due to change, but I discovered Erica Jong, Anne Sexton, Margaret Atwood only lately -- and Rilke (for the German part in me). Else, I read almost everything if it only seems interesting enough.

Morgue McMillan's Wall

Finnegan Flawnt – Jan 24, 2010

hi morgue - welcome to the fnaut. dont forget to tell all in the 'second tongue' group ;-) enjoy, ff

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